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Membership Packages


Interested in joining us in our community of like minded traders seeking highest probability setups?
You may join us on Thursdays or Fridays to view the live chart setups as they happen in the trading day.
Email me to request a link to


28 thoughts on “Membership

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  10. I am a little confused as to your charges for the new members $149, vs. the chat room cost of $69 per month. Then option two is $49 per month. Not sure what I would subscribe to as prices vary and not too much difference in content or so it seems. Could you maybe explain what the major differences are – it seems that option two would cost $98 if you want screen share and then an addition $72 for the e-manual.

  11. Viewed Thursday chatroom, interested in joining. Trade Emini’s US hours, sometimes pre-mkt. Looks like T3 over market fly best for me but also looking at MarketDelta which gives better info on where stops are. Use NT & TS platforms. Would like to check Market fly if preview available.

  12. Dave,
    I was not able to attend your Infinity webinar so I viewed the recording yesterday and am interested in attending a trial of your room.

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