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Step 1 


Boot Camp: $149**  – CLICK HERE

  • Learn what it takes to identify a High Probable Trend with 6 weeks of access to:
    • Real-time charts
    • Screen Share/Chat Room – US trading hours only
  • Session Highlights video
  • T3 trading template
  • e-Manual step-by-step reference guide – included 
  • “How to video” series in looking for setups
  • Option in Week 1 to upgrade to “Lifetime” Mastery membership and pay the difference ($590-$149)

**Non-Refundable Fee.

Step 2


  • $59 x 11 months
  • Link will be sent upon completion of the 6 weeks to sign up
  • If you remain in the room for 11 consecutive months; lifetime membership status applies and no need to pay any additional monthly membership fee.


“Lifetime” Membership (Mastery)

  • Ready to jump all in and make the commitment to become a disciplined trader with a like minded community?
  • Discounted Price of Boot Camp and Advanced Training
    • STEP’s 1 and 2: $149 (1st 6 weeks) + $59 x 11 months = $798
    • Mastery Level Discount: $590 ($208 difference of Steps 1 & 2; 25% savings)

**Please consult all parties living under your roof, that you will be a part of the Trading Room and making a long term commitment. This includes all pets that need to be walked. Non-Refundable Fee.

Mentoring (1 hour session)

Sometimes we all need 1:1 attention and focus to comprehend. The screen share community can be helpful, but if we just had our undivided attention, it may just click that much easier.

One on one sessions are available in 60 minute increments.

  • 1 hour screen share @ $49  

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