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Shadow Trading

Jesse Livermore said it best.

Many a trader would simply like to be told when to get in and out. This can be the attraction for a new trader to a trading room. There are critics of what to expect in a trading room and I may be the first to agree that there are limitations and expectations. Bottom line is that my goal is to mentor traders in a like-minded environment to become independent proficient traders.

I take no credit for your wins. Don’t blame for your losses. It is only you who pushes the button.

This is and will never be a room that tells YOU when to get in and when to get out. I will however share with you if I am in a live trade (or any member in the room who may share their entry/exit) and at times for teaching purposes will execute a simulated trade on the screenshare for teaching purposes. Teaching traders how to trade by simply becoming an efficient shadow trader, will not benefit you in the long run. (If you don’t believe me, follow Steve Burns Psychology and tips on becoming a proficient trader). 

What I will teach and mentor you in, is identifying the highest probability setups, implementing Patience & Discipline in your trading and what it takes to remain in a TREND setup. While there are many aspects to be learned when it comes to trading,  rest assured I am here to help and in conjunction with our community of eager and like minded traders like yourself.

If you need a bit of proof, check out my testimonials page.

Learning how to trade is understanding the process that is going through my head and implementing your own strategy. If this sounds appealing to you, I think you will find the room supportive in your growth as a trader as many others have before you.

Remember, 10,000 hours to become a master.