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From pension funds to 401K’s, mutual funds and now ETF’s, the popularity of these well known market investment opportunities has surely peaked the interest of many traders and long term investors for some time now. Learning to swim in the sea of ETF’s can be like choosing a toothpaste at your local market. They all look good up front, but which one will be the best choice for you?

As a day trader, my principle is to keep it simple. Like wise when it comes to ETF’s, a core portfolio that can cover the simplest of industries and indices can comprise of an investment for the long term investor. For some, trading ETF’s for the short term may use my T3 strategy as I use in in day trading, Murray Math Levels for the swing or to the longer term using the Jason Kelly 3sig which I am a follower of. 

IBD/ETF’s of Interest

Indices ETF Portfolio

Jason Kelly 3 Sig Portfolio

Sectors ETF Portfolio

Futures ETF Portfolio