S3 Strategy

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S3 (Selective Scalp Strategy)

The T3 strategy that many of you may already be familiar with, had its roots in a study based on an 8 period moving average cross. Over time the strategy has developed into a trend trading setup by the use of flex renko Heikin Ashi bars in combination with several other charts for the highest probability setup. However, markets don’t always run in trend and wanting to give the trader the ability to perhaps scalp their way through choppy markets, a return to the T3 roots, S3 come to fruition. Based on and modified on a presentation by Stephen C. Gay, the S3 builds upon a very simple scalping strategy that is built around giving the new trader confidence in their trading through a progressive plan to building up a portfolio.

Putting thoughts to numbers is a huge task and with the vast amount of contributing members of the TradingFibz daily room, one certain individual stepped forward and took on the task of not only putting the parameters together to make the charts work as per the trading strategy, but to automate it as well for those that prefer a slight edge on the entry. Mr. Brad Houser is the front person for offering any interested traders in this study through a variety of packages through his website. 

You may visit Brad’s website “Forgiving Computers” here.

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