If I can make a positive impact on just 1 person each day on the wisdom that has been given to me, I have done my job effectively. If I haven’t, I re-evaluate for the next day on what I need to do different to reach that 1 individual.

Thank you for your words of gratitude  and appreciation. 

(These testimonials are from select customers.  Their experiences may not be typical of what you can  expect to achieve, as results may vary.  Any claims contained within these testimonials have not been verified)


My name is Greg and this email is long overdue.  I have been following you on stocktwits for a while now and I must thank you.  I have adopted and applied your 5/34 cross to my TF trading and it is fantastic.  After using or trying various trading schools and trading methods by so called “experts”  I find you and this strategy truly refreshing.  The fact that you share it without cost is even more amazing.  You must be a very unique individual.(I mean that in the most positive way)

Again thank you very much, I have become a much more profitable TF trader because of you.



First let me say  I wish there were more teachers like you in schools. I’m sure all your students and parents knew how lucky they were. You explain very clearly how and why on your videos which I’m assuming you did in school as well. So the real question now is WHERE is the BOOK. I’m excited to read and hopefully join your room. I trade the ES only and have started using your 25 min range. I primarily use volume profile but always looking to learn more. Thanks for sharing so freely and so clearly. 



Marketfy Reviews

…Great Trade room, one concept to follow and a great educator 

….very interesting concept…I am watching it closely. so far it is working!

…Thank you for letting met ..into your trading room for a month. Good setups that work. I have adapted my own trading style with some of your tools. Unfortunately, my work doesn’t allow me to follow you every day, but I hope to come back from time to time.

…David is the real deal. He does what he says and says what he does. No magic formulas or indicators here. He really has stripped trading down to something so basic that anyone can understand it. Easily the best trading I have ever done in the past 8 years! And best of all, this is not some overly optimized strategy that only works with one thing for a short time… it works for any market. Love it. Thanks David!

…If you want to learn from a TEACHER, not someone hiding things and holding back some ideas this is your man. He will take all the time you need to help you understand his method and it’s a damn good one. Also will not hesitate to listen to your ideas. Do yourself a favor and stop in

…This is the best learning room I have been with, simple, to the point and very easy to understand with extreme accuracy. David takes his room very serious and goes the extra step to make sure everyone understands the set-ups, and why he takes, or does not take a trade, win or loose, there is complete transparency.

…Do you know where the market is going to go? Who does not have an opinion about that? But opinions do not make money, only proven trading strategies do, if you learn how to use them properly. David does not claim to know where the market is going to go, and yet he always trades on the right side of the market. Ironic, isn’t it? It may seem that way, but only market is always right, which is why he teaches to trade what is in front you, pure price action. David does not teach how to be right about the market’s direction, he teaches how to make money in any market condition, consistently, every trading day. Sometimes, knowing when not to trade is more valuable than knowing when to trade. Sideways price action is called “chop” for a reason. It can easily chop up a trading account faster than I can spell “chop.” His trading rules cover that, too. He teaches not to force trades and to patiently wait for the right trading setup. In short, David is a great teacher, smart technician and a breath of fresh air. I would recommend his trading room to anybody who wants to improve on an existing trading skills or if you are new to trading and your goal is to learn how to trade.

…Implementing David’s methodology was for me akin to Neo’s awakening in The Matrix. I have investigated and worked many different techniques and methodologies over the years but never with this level of success and confidence. David has taken the complex and sometimes daunting task of trading and boiled it down to a few very simple rules. I think the following quote illustrates better than I can the elegance of the methodology. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

…David takes the time to explain his trades…from start to finish. He is an educator without question… who’s sole interest is helping others. His knowledge and experience show immediately. Wish we would have met years ago.

…There are numerous rooms offering you the “Holy Grail” for thousands of dollars. David is straight forward with a system that works so long as you follow simple rules and learn PATIENCE! His room has supportive members and there are no mundane discussions on the ills of the world. Cost of membership can be recovered in one trade. Highly recommend this system and room.

…Dave is both an excellent teacher and a patient trader. He is extremely generous with his knowledge and time if you have the desire to learn! His methods are simple yet extremely effective. Most importantly, Dave will show you how to be disciplined and patient in your trading. That is the most valuable lesson I’m learning and is worth every penny.

…david displays patience and excellence in his approach. I cant imagine me ever leaving. hes that damn good!

…Awesome teacher. Learned so much and starting to pick up tons of confidence with my trades. Very patient and generous teacher with his time.

…First week and already have learned so much, thanks for the service and attention to getting me up to speed!

…not worth the money (WHAT? I don’t mind posting the fact that sometimes there are unhappy people)

…Right away you can tell that David is a natural born teacher. He explains step by step on how and why to wait to get into a trade. I have learned what it means to follow the trend. Also why you need to have patience during the first 30 min. of the opening of the trading day. His honesty about sharing his charts and his methods. David is right it doesn’t do you any good unless you are in the live chat room aka The Sandbox. It’s great being in his live chat room for he is continually teaching everyone while waiting for and taking a trade. Thank you Marketfy for having a great Mavin like David,

….First let me start by saying if your thinking of trading or just starting to trade this is the best place to start. As many of you know when you first dip your toes into the market it is very overwhelming with all the charts,lines and numbers going all directions. David is a teacher. He breaks it down into terms anyone can understand. He is the most consistent trader I have seen in many years. Save yourself many hours of heartache and frustration… The best value by far if your serious about trading!!

…If you are interested in establishing an emotional free trading plan that has proven success over the long term, step inside The “sandbox”. Incorporating elements of his philosophy have made me a better trader. Regardless of your level of experience, David provides great prescriptions for the market!

…David @TradingFibz is one of the few true trading educators out there. He is very accessible and will do what is needed to answer your questions. The live room, or sandbox, is great b/c you have a visual there on your screen of exactly what David is watching. David loves to share his method and wants to see his subscribers succeed. His fees are incredibly reasonable for what he offers and he clearly believes in his system or he would need to charge a lot more b/c you would not stay in the room. You cannot go wrong giving David @TradingFibz a serious look with your time and money!

…I have seen many methods and many trading rooms but David’s is the best I have ever seen so far. It is very simple and well explained by David. I,m very happy with the service. 5 stars is too low but that’s as high as it goes.

…I wonder how I ever daytraded before I discovered…. Actually, I know how I traded–inconsistently! All that has changed…. system is simple with uncluttered charts, looking to enter a trend and stay in the trade for maximum profit. Dave is a teacher and it shows. He breaks the trade down into simple steps that are easy even for a novice to follow. I can’t review…. and not mention his Levels. He uses a combination of fibs, pivots and proprietary levels. The Average Daily Move Up and Average Daily Move Down levels are almost magical. It still amazes me how often these levels are hit, sometimes both in a single session. The…. teaches a great system. In the chatroom he takes you every step of the way, going over each setup in great detail which offers you the opportunity to practice the methodology under his guidance and make money while you learn.


Twitter Feed

…@TradingFibz thanks from all your posts you got a great handle on Russell futures. Never have found anything that works.

….@TradingFibz enjoy your posts; no opinions, no commentary; just price and consistent methodology to trading; as i say just keep trading boring

….@Legacy_Trades #FF: Best of the Best for Futures……@TradingFibz, et. al.

….Thanks for information. I’m just getting started and I find myself gravitating to all of your posts!

…You add tons of value. Clear, methodical approach. I appreciate your posts.

….u have a solid plan and consistent and in a trading vehicle that stretches…and price-based method…that ignores noise

…great follow for those who trade the R2K…(StockTwits)

…LOV these… process.. RT @TradingFibz $TF_F 25m Open Range. S/R levels indicated. (StockTwits)

…I SEE THE FUTURE: $ES_F Fib & Pivot players I learn from (as it’s not my thing) @TradingFibz

…INTERESTING: View & trade notes. Very thorough & well defined. High value tweet. MT @TradingFibz

…Top 5 contributors for $TF @TradingFibz

…You follow the natural number sequence. Smart thinking.

…amazing & generous work for those learning short term trading.. RT @TradingFibz (StockTwits)

…Great $TF_F trading journal blog -> MT @TradingFibz

…#trading is about #simplicity and patience. #heikinashi + #fibonacci i= great combination @TradingFibz is using . Worth looking at.

…@TradingFibz Nice trades! Videos are great, incredibly helpful to see and hear the thought process on your trades.Well done.


Blog Comments

…Great trade and discipline to wait for your setup on a day you could have easily entered earlier.


Trading Futures, options on futures and retail off-exchange foreign currency transactions involves   substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources. You may lose all or more of your initial investment.  The lower the day trade margin, the higher the leverage    and riskier the trade. Leverage can work for you as well as against you; it magnifies gains as well as losses. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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  1. Hello Greg, on the home page where you list the daily ticks each index has earned, are those results of direct trades from your trading room?
    Thank you,

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