Checking In…

Greetings Jedi Traders.

Time has moved forward as life changes has impacted us all in some way or another over the last several years. Thinking back to when the trading room started and what it became and what still is there, gives me hope that there is still some vested interest in making a couple dollars in the futures market.

Like a classic car under it’s protective dusty cloth, the cover has been pulled back on our charts and updated with a nice coat of paint. Not much change, but a new perspective of discipline.

  • The goal is simple whichever market you want to trade.
  • $100 – to be done within the first hour of any given trading day.

Gone are the days sitting around a volume-less market with crickets chirping. ONLY on ALL bars in sync has the highest probability of success.

No setup. No entry. No trade.

I know many have moved on to perhaps bigger charts and methods and if you have been part of our community in the past and want to re-connect it would be great to have you back again. Our Slack channel has remained vibrant through the weeks/years and could use some fresh conversation. 

For those who want to join us for the first time, I have trimmed down and made simple the ways you can be part of the room. Simply check out the packages page and choose one of two options. 

My outlook has been trimmed down to one day at a time. Not a new novel concept but at least keeps me in check without grandiose ideas which can frequently pull me down a rabbit hole. I have no clue if the market will be up or down on any given day.

I simply follow the trend.

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