Learning how to successfully master trading can take a lot of hard work. In this three part series, cutting to the nuts and bolts to create a Live Trading Challenge Plan that may just give you the edge you need to place in the top five of the Challenge. Join ME, and learn what it takes to keep it simple and let your profits run and cut your losses short. Those who attend all three sessions will be eligible post simulation for a 1-week mentoring session in my daily screenshare trading room.

The Live Trading Challenge (LTC) series of online futures trading events are open to traders throughout the world. Most of the LTC events are run on a real-time live practice account. However, some events are run with customers that use their live trading accounts. The challenges are for fun and promotional purposes.

Trend Trading Plan Webinar Topics

Session 1 – Psychology of Trading
The Holy Grail of Trading
The contracts I will trade
The hours I will trade
Premarket Routine
Aftermarket Routine
Day Trading resources
Open Questions

Session 2 – Trend Trading
Strategy Trend Studies available with Infinity AT/Sierra charts
Gold Standard Setup walkthrough
Executing the Trade
Additional Technical’s to confirm trend/support/resistance
Open Questions

Session 3 – Trade Management
1 contract off, “no loss” setup
How many ticks am I trying to make each day?
How many trades do I plan to make per day?
How long do I plan to hold winners and losers?
My loss limit in ticks per trade and in total dollar loss per day?
What I will do after x number of losses in a row?
My strategy for increasing and decreasing my trading size?
Open Questions

Live Challenge Information: Click HERE
Register: Click HERE


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