Trading Session Recap (Week 33; Day 2)

Looking at the week behind 1 day @ a time…..

Good trading is always going back over the trading day and reviewing the setups that may or may not have worked out and what kept you in or perhaps took you out too early. Looking for the trend move and remaining in the trade is the objective. It’s your patience and discipline that will continue to grow as a trader when you implement such tools.

Market Traded:  YM, ES, NQ (RTH)

Weekly Total:   11 setups;  204 Ticks NET  ( NQ: 129 | ES: 68 | YM: 36)  

Econ Data

Reported as current release and in relation to (previous months data).

  • Consumer Price Index: FLAT (decrease)
  • Housing Starts: POSITIVE (increase)
  • Industrial Production: POSITIVE (increase)

Kenneth Polcari Newsletter Highlights

Now did you read the Barron’s this weekend…if not – take a look at ‘The Striking Price’ – in the Market Week section of this industry bible…..the headline:

“Call Buyers See a Market Plunge in September” – it makes for an interesting read and is food for thought….because as stocks move higher the VIX (Fear Index) is trading at or very near long term lows….suggesting a fair amount of complacency…..  The article goes onto say that some investors are now buying VIX calls as they seek protection from a mkt selloff which will cause a spike in these VIX calls……

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Daily Stats    

  • 3 Markets.   
  • 7 Setups.  
  • 111 Ticks
    • NQ:  68 Ticks (56/2/10)
    • YM:  19 Ticks (10/9)
    • ES:   24 Ticks (12/12)

Session Highlights

  • Trend #1
  • Overall trend of the day: DOWNSIDE
  • Fib projections levels hit:

Full Session Chart

8.16.16 - Full session

Trend Highlights

Trend #1

8.16.16 - Trend #1

  • Trending 6E

8.16.16 - 6E


Setup Highlights

AM Session

8.16.16 - mid Session setup recap

PM Session

8.16.16 - pm session setups


RTH Closing Charts – Futures Indicies

  • Volume:
    • ABOVE Average: 
    • BELOW Average: YM/NQ/ES
  • Price above 50/200 moving averages on all 3 indices
  • 4 hour Big Pic: UPTREND
    • T3 Moving Averages
      • ES:  DOWNTREND
    • T3-50
      • ABOVE: YM
      • BELOW: NQ
      • @ SUPPORT: ES

8.16.16 - Big Pic Post-Market

Top Row: Daily chart with supporting 50/200ma and volume based on a 60 day moving average

Bottom Row: 4 hour chart. T3 moving averages. 50/144ema. 


Open Gaps

  • Remain below on indices
  • Above/below on Crude
  • 3 indices close out gaps above from previous session

8.16.16 - Open Gap Post-Market


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