Trading Session Focus (Week 15)

Looking at the week behind 1 day @ a time….. 

Good trading is always going back over the trading day and reviewing the setups that may or may not have worked out and what kept you in or perhaps took you out too early. Looking for the trend move and remaining in the trade is the objective. It’s your patience and discipline that will continue to grow as a trader when you implement such tools.

Market Traded:  YM, ES, NQ (RTH)

Total:  24 setups;   665 Ticks NET  ( NQ: 501 | ES: 101 | YM: 205 )


Stats: 3 markets. 8 setups. 279 Ticks.

Market Wrap:

4.11.16 - Overnight

Waking up to indices with an amazing runup overnight with ALL 3 in sync to the long. HA bars to keep you in with T3 moving averages, one above the other. This is what I look forward to each session. None of this nickel/dime setups that simply go nowhere. That’s the patience I have to wait for these setups. It’s not easy. Need to learn to sit through some chop and sometimes a loss here and there to catch a wave. AM session was chop until resuming the trend of the overnight only to pullback off the highs and give back the entire move.

4.11.16 - Mid session Up.Down

It was then after the pullback and price action like this chart above, was a signal to simply sit tight until price was outside of value and market internals were all in line. With the bond markets closed, it was all downside as seen below on TREND #3 making this a Monday out of the ordinary.


Trend #1

4.11.16 - first setups - no fill order

Not an easy start to US Regular trading hours open, but with the breakout above the Value area and Globex High, YM able to run to the fib projection level and the NQ and ES in tow.

4.11.16 - first setups - Trend on NQ

With the T3 moving averages crossing, and the ancillary 50/144 or any trend study of choice as seen above to keep you in the TREND.

Trend #2

4.11.16 - Trend #2

Couldn’t hold at the tops and market faded back with 45m to go to Euro close. First initial setups far riskier however with a pullback as seen on the two green candles on each chart was the better entry.

Trend #3

4.11.16 - Trend #3

Post bond market close and last hour of trading. ES with all 4 charts in sync. Best setup of all.

4.11.16 - Trend #3a - ES

What better way to follow in Trend on the ES or for that matter any of the indices on any trend study of choice. Either way…they all show the same thing.


T3 – Trend Highlights

Setup #1

4.11.16 - first setups

NQ: 63 Ticks,  ES: 14 Ticks, YM: 52 Ticks


Setup #2

4.11.16 - Trend #3b - Setup

NQ: 114 Ticks,  ES: 31 Ticks


Stats: 3 markets. 6 setups. 255 Ticks.

Market Wrap: Almost 2 weeks of indecision and looking for run-away trend setups is like searching for a needle in a haystack. With some patience they eventually show up and you ride the wave. That makes for some very long days where I would say many traders don’t have….patience. With earnings season upon as and the pundits saying that markets need to come crashing down, this trader says, simply watch the charts and shut off the news.

4.12.16 - Trend #1 - Post

Trend starts to move and all it takes is for some news piece to turn it all around. That’s exactly what presumably happened here today as rrude made headlines on expected production freeze and the indices did a complete u-turn….or maybe the news was the catalyst or not. Doesn’t matter. The setup to the short was working. Stop in place. Trade management rules take me out near the lows and I wait for the next setup. I know, crazy reversal. happens all the time. 


Trend #1

4.12.16 - Trend #1

The NQ with the best of the trend setups of the three indices to the short with ALL 4 charts in sync.

Trend #2

4.12.16 - Trend #2a

After the quick reversal off the bottom and pullback, price action resumed the upside TREND with the Euro close.

4.12.16 - Trend #2c - ES

Clearly with the 50 above the 144ema, ES like the other 2 indices, in TREND with multiple trend studies to keep you in the setup.

Trend #3

4.12.16 - Trend #3

P.M. Session. Just when you thought it couldn’t go higher….DON’T THINK! 🙂 – just trade the charts in front of you, or not and decide to remain out the rest of the PM session….like I did. Either way, NQ was the market in trend followed by the ES (rough first B signal) and YM barely being able to get off it’s keester. A fine finish to a trending day. Even with my bailing out much sooner, personal choice to sit out of the chop before the lift at the end.  Nothing wrong with the setup or even re-entry. All good.


T3 – Trend Highlights

Setup #1

NQ: 68 Ticks

4.12.16 - Setup #3

Setup #2

NQ: 75t | ES: 36t | YM: 74t

4.12.16 - Trend #2 - Setups


Stats: 3 markets. 7 setups. 128 Ticks.

Market Wrap: Yup. Just one of those trading days. With earning season in roll, crude report and beige book out today, it was all about the YM today as seen on the chart below. All in trend on ALL 4 charts in sync to the Fib projection level. 

4.13.16 - YM - Trend of the day

What option would have allowed me to remain in the trend the entire session had I not bailed before my B/E stop? Observe the 50/144 ema on a higher time frame and keep mind of additional trends still holding to the long as seen below. Duly noted.

4.13.16 - YM - Trend of the day - Trend chart

Can’t say as much for the ES and NQ today as they chopped along with micro-bursts of price action to only chop some more. Limited setups and by the rules, didn’t offer many runaway trends as stops were easily taken out at break even. While the patience can wear on a day like today, we all know there will be days like this and we simply either wait until the best of best setups or sit back and come back another day. Even the best of setups will sometimes not work out. 


Trend #1

4.13.16 - Trend #1

YM in charge upside, the NQ and ES unable to hold an upside rally.

4.13.16 - Trend #1 - YM - 6.3

On multiple trend charts to keep you in trend, the YM holding upside to keep you in the setup.

Trend #2

4.13.16 - Trend #2

YM and ES on ALL 4 charts in sync, and NQ playing catch up to the upside.


T3 – Trend Highlights

Setup #1

YM: 13 ticks

4.13.16 - Trend #1 - trades

Setup #2

NQ: 17t | YM: 35t | ES: 11t

4.13.16 - Trend #2 - setups

Setup #3

YM: 12 ticks

4.13.16 - YM - Setup #3

Setup #4

NQ: 36 ticks

4.13.16 - Trend #3

4.13.16 - Trend #3a


Stats: 1 market. 3 setups. 47 Ticks.

Market Wrap: Simply couldn’t get any market runaway trend today. With very few pockets of trend, it was the NQ today that offered me the best of setups. As tiring as it may be on some days, patience for the best of setups may be like watching paint dry, however it sure keeps you out of lots of chop. One thing to take note on a daily picture, is that volume has been decreasing over the last several sessions. Is this market in a place of indecision. Appears so. Question is…what is it waiting for? Till then, always ready in both directions.

Great lesson today in viewing early entry on the 2 charts below.

4.14.16 - Setup #2a - bit delay

Price action on the NQ back in trend above the 50/144ema. Bounce off the MMA study, Kiwi and Kiwi Supertrend lines indicating that TREND momentum back upside. 

4.14.16 - Setup #2b - better entry

Optimal early entry? 4554.50 across the board with the HA bars in trend upside and all the studies in  technical momentum to the long. 


Trend #1

Seen on setup #1 below


Trend #2

Trend 2

That’s what I’m talking about Jedi traders. ALL 4 charts in the GREEN on the NQ on a buy signal.


T3 – Trend Highlights

Setup #1

NQ: 16 ticks

4.14.16 - Setup #1

Setup #2

NQ: 29 ticks

4.14.16 - Setup #2

Trend 2a - NQ


Stats: 2 markets. 3 setups. 90 Ticks.

Market Wrap: 

4.15.16 - Mid session

Day two into the mid-session with no ability to get this market in either direction. 

Volume continues to decrease over the last three sessions. Big OPEC meeting this weekend keeping the market at bay? Perhaps. Earnings Season sporadic reports? Perhaps. Fed speakers confusing the heck out of us? Perhaps.

Whatever the reason may be for the market to be stalling up here after the 1.5 month rally, in the end it simply comes down to watching the charts for any indication that the intraday move will follow through on the higher time frame. Only then will I have confirmation that we go close out index futures open gaps or move to 2015 highs. To sit through days like Thursday and AM session today on the index futures, is sometimes the environment of everyday trading. Market comes in cycles and there are simply put, days where the market comes to stall. Consolidation is good – means something better is coming around the corner.

Finally taking off downside on early PM session for my last setup to the downside. Have to leave early before market close. As I have said many times before. Patience, Discipline and always ready in both directions. 


Trend #1

4.15.16 - Trend #1

3 charts in sync across the board with the NQ best of the setups to the long. AD line in the green and $TICK above 500 to put you in the trade.

Trend #2

4.15.16 - Trend #2

News report on AAPL reducing production of iphone….news related? Either way, NQ leading first and to the downside on 3 charts in the red. All down to the Fib Projection levels. Stalled on AD line hitting the pivot.


T3 – Trend Highlights

Setup #1

NQ: 18 ticks

4.15.16 - Setup #1

Setup #2

NQ: 65 | YM: 19t

4.15.16 - Trend #2a - setup

NQ mutiple trend lines to keep you in the trade.

4.15.16 - Trend #2b - trend studies



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