Trading Session Focus (Week 14)

Looking at the week behind 1 day @ a time…..

Good trading is always going back over the trading day and reviewing the setups that may or may not have worked out and what kept you in or perhaps took you out too early. Looking for the trend move and remaining in the trade is the objective. It’s your patience and discipline that will continue to grow as a trader when you implement such tools.

Market Traded:  YM, ES, NQ (RTH)

Total:  30 setups;   645 Ticks NET  (NQ: 541 ; ES: 41; YM: 63)


Stats: 3 markets. 5 setups. 121 Ticks.

Trend #1

4.04.16 - Setup #1

With a bit of patience on the AM chop setup #1 across all 3 indices with 3-4 charts in sync. AD line form chop to drop confirming market internals trend downside.

Trend #2

4.04.16 - Setup #2

Mid-session pump upside quickly dropped on the AD line back to the south.

Individual Market Charts

4.04.16 - ES

ES: 2 Setups. 30 ticks.

4.04.16 - NQ

NQ: 1 Setup 43 ticks

4.04.16 - YM

YM: 2 Setups. 48 ticks.


Stats: 3 markets. 11 setups. 105 Ticks. 1 flat

Market Wrap: With FOMC minutes ahead, price action was clearly in a quandary as runaway trend was not in the picture today. Still engulfed within Fridays price action,  several  smaller trend moves were in tandem with the AD line which made the market internal a clear direction of price action.


Trend #1

4.05.16 - Setup #1

With the AD line in the RED and HA bars in TREND, scalp entry to start out the first 30m of the session.

Trend #2

4.05.16 - Setup #2a

Bouncing right back upside to each markets perspective projection level. Not the best of setups as limited number of charts in sync. YM was clearly in control.

Trend #3

4.05.16 - Setup #3

Reject of the AD line at the Pivot, with ALL 4 charts in sync was a clear setup to the short.


Individual Market Charts

YM: (No chart) 2 setups. 13 ticks.


4.05.16 - NQ Setups

NQ: 7 setups. 81 ticks.

4.05.16 - ES

ES: 2 setups. 11 ticks.


Stats: 1 market. 4 setups. 127 Ticks. 

Market Wrap: After 2 days of inside action, market was poised to make a run prior to FOMC minutes release and with not much objection, continued even higher to push above last weeks session close on Friday. Noted on the 4 hour charts with support off the 50ma, price lifted to keep the bigger picture in TREND, on all 4 indices. From an intraday perspective, it’s all about hoping to catch the right entry that will continue in trend. Nothing easy today as numerous false entries however if following the AD line and $TICK count, would have limited the entries and put you in the higher probability trades. Here is a brief insight into what was going through my head in the AM chop until the eventual pop upside. The ladder line seen below in the chart is the progressing value area line. 

pic 4

Wishing I would have been all fingers on the three indices, in the end, it was all about the NQ today. Open gaps closed from Mondays session today. Lots of good stuff to look at in this weeks market wrap up.


Trend #1

4.06.16 - Setup #1

All 4 charts in sync. TREND for the moment was all clear to the short.

Trend #2

4.06.16 - Trend #2b

AD line stalled at zero, held the line and with 3-4 charts in sync, setups on all 4 charts to the long.

4.06.16 - Trend #2d

50/144ema charts all in a technical momentum to the bulls.

4.06.16 - Trend #2c

The 4 indices and Crude maintaining the trend all the way trough the euro close.

Trend #3

4.06.16 - Trend #3b

 After FOMC release and a bit of price drop and chop, price action found it’s footing to only rise into the close with the AD line finding support at 750.


Individual Market Charts

4.06.16 - NQ 3

NQ: 4 setups. 127 Ticks. 


Stats: 2 markets. 4 setups. 141 Ticks. 

Market Wrap: How many times have I seen this before. FOMC minutes release runs it up. Next day, complete reversal. Either way, this strategy will always be ready in both directions. After my FUBAR with not getting any setups on the ES and YM yesterday, it was the NQ still the leading index in the AM session. While again I missed some excellent trends in the YM and ES in the PM session,

4.07.17 - NQ Trend

…I was content with the NQ and it’s ability to remain in trend today,

4.07.17 - Trend Study #5a

…with the additional charts to identify the strength of the trend. It is your choice when it comes to charts as to what keeps you in longer than a 6 tick move. The key is getting in at a time where it will run far enough to keep your stop at B/E and let it run. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. But that also allows this strategy to be very precise and patient.

YM,ES and NQ hitting all their projections levels downside today with the YM and NQ hitting both daily and weekly levels. 


Trend #1

4.07.17 - Trend #1a

Long? Forget it. AD line was downside and all three indices setting up to the short with 3-4 charts in sync.

Trend #2

4.07.17 - Trend #2

Market did manage to get a lift during mid session with 2-3 charts in sync. With the AD line continuing to be downside, no interest.

Trend #3

4.07.17 - Trend #3

Best 2nd move of the session. NQ was the leading index downside followed by ES and YM.


Individual Market Charts

NQ: 3 setups. 139 ticks.

YM: 1 Setup. 2 ticks


Setups #1, #2

4.07.16 - NQ - Setups 1.2

Just a piece of the pie.


Setup #3

4.07.16 - NQ - Setup #3

Together with the charts below to keep me in the trend, NQ the leading index to the short in late PM session with 4 charts in sync after the pullback.

4.07.17 - Trend Study #6b

“Playing” around with trend setting studies. While the 50/144ema (left chart) has been my primary go to chart for technical market internal momentum, an appreciation for additional studies that are available in identifying the trend as well may be used to remain in the trade.


Stats: 1 Market. 6 setups. 151 ticks.

Market Wrap: Imagine waking up to this chart below on overnight action of the crude as seen below. 

4.08.16 - CL - Trend - T3

If you held overnight..amazing move. If you had trades on the ETF’s or leveraged market; also great move. Either way, it’s learning to remain in the TREND with a simple strategy that keeps you in the trade.

4.08.16 - CL - Trend on all 4

The 50/144ema trend is what I use, and you have several to select from and when all line up together, why would you exit before at least 2 of the trend studies broke momentum? Crude wins the gold star of the day…and leaves a mighty open gap behind from Thursday’s close. You know what that means.

As far as the indices go, once again it was the NQ today followed by the YM and ES down to the projection levels and Daily gaps. Not able to catch a ride on the YM or ES, all the focus today on the NQ as she went kerplunk downside. Impressed with the fact that there was any action today, it took several setups to eventually have a decent runaway trend. It is the hope of this trader that next week to be able to enter on multiple markets with fewer entries across the board and trends that have the highest probability of continuing in momentum (which I have no control over except my trade management).


Trend #1

4.08.16 - Trend 1

Not the best of trends as only 2 charts on the NQ and with 3 charts on the Es and YM, price action best after the initial Buy signal and pullback.

Trend #2

4.08.16 - Trend 3

Gradually moving to all 4 charts in sync, the NQ leading downside and several opportunities to re-enter.

4.08.16 - NQ - Setup 4b Trend - Higher Time frame

Four trending charts to identify the trend and to remain in the trade as long as trend was not broken. Switching to a higher time frame enables you to remain in that much longer.


TRENDS of the DAY – Individual Market Charts

NQ: 6 setups. 151 ticks.

4.08.16 - NQ - Setup

First attempts to get a runner with not much success but with 3-4 charts in sync, put some ticks away. Setup #4 which was a bit late however price action with all 4 charts in sync and trending charts to support the move, was the index setup of the session.

4.08.16 - NQ - Setup 4 Trend

Early entry at 4488 was the better of the setups as price action faded off the 50ema and followed through on the remaining trend setting charts. Either way, the trend was identified and if not able to enter off the 1st trend candle, simply enter after. It is not a issue of a particular price, but identifying the higher probability of the momentum continuing.

4.08.16 - NQ - Setup 4a Trend

While the T3 crossover with supporting moving averages crossover is enough to keep me in the trend, the visual of the remaining trend charts reaffirms the momentum of the setup.



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