With a plethora of websites and the inundation of information, it is  wonder we can make any sense of the market! So, while the information is fresh off the week, it is through my weekly video recaps to gain some insight into where the overall TREND is and may be headed if all things continue. This fills my satisfaction to 99.9 percent of what I need to know in going into the next weeks market.

So where do I fill that .01 percent of supplemental insight?


Whether it’s short term or potential long holdings, I turn to the following sites listed below as my source of solid and reliable commentaries to be my crystal ball experts as I simply am much better at trading what is front of me and on my charts. 

It is my hope that you may find something helpful in your trading plan from the wealth of information from these sites, and know that in the end, it is only you who places the trade, that can claim to be the winner (or not) based on the outcome; not because anyone said it was going to happen…or not.









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