Pop, Drop, Chop & Pop

Market Recap

Market Recap

Just mix up Friday’s title post and you have a new trading day!


Well nothing like starting out a day with market internals down mixed and price action flying up. Entry on the 5/34 EMA Crossover was tempting but keeping to my 25m Open range keeps my $$$ in my pocket. Price drove up to the Daily 50% fib line and never came close till the market close.

With market internals chopping it up in the first 60 minutes of the trading day, an entry on the EMA crossover charts insdie the range proved to be very profitable. All things considered, would be a trade I would take anywhere else on the chart except inside the range. Hands off.

Market Internals

Market Internals

Setup #1

Setup #1

It wasn’t until ALL market internals were shouting red that I entered under the 25m open range for a 50+ tick drive. With 8 $TICK bars already under zero for the day and the AD line at -1000, made good for a short entry. 

The remainder of the day remained in a chop pattern until the crossover back into the 25m open range on a 5/34 EMA and 4 line EMA crossover which would have kept you in the trade till the close.

Inside Range

Inside Range

So what if….trading requires you to adapt to your market and making slight adjustments to accommodate more entries,  what would I add so that I can profit greater on the longer runs on the crossovers, even if inside the range?  These are the moves that once were almost reserved for out of the range (still see some of those like an endangered species). Seems more like these days, it’s all inside the range.

To profit is to adapt. To adapt is to use what you have. The tools I have.

So….I wouldn’t add anything.


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