No trade is trading

No trade day for me.

Wide open range. Sideways AD line. Price action held within range.



Market Open

Market Open

Market Internals - Open

Market Internals – Open

Market open was the move of the day with a strong Market Breadth with the NQ leading the charge at 7:1. Crossover on the EMA charts gave way to a profit of 50+ ticks upside, to turn it around and take it all back.



With no momentum to the upside except the NQ, the TF remained within the 1 hour and 25m Open range which kept me on my hands.

Market Internals

Market Internals

Market internals were in the green. Only entry for me was going to be above 997.2 where there were 5 levels of resistance sitting next to one another. All 4 indices kept within the range except for the NQ which had a rise above.

Market Recap

Market Recap

We never broke upside, hitting the CAM H4 and holding the line. 

Sometimes you just need to know when to sit.

That’s trading.


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