Slam that Gap!

The Russell answers back.

280 Tick Dive

280 Tick Dive

From the high of 1005.9 to 978.1 in 24 hours – 280 ticks in your face short. Ouch!

Market Recap

Market Recap

As posted earlier today, 40 tick move below the 25m Open Range was my optimal trade and only setup for the day. The remainder of the trading session moved back up and into 25m Open Range, where the 1 hour open range/Cam L4 held support and closed out at the Weekly Pivot/Daily S1.

40 Tick Trade

40 Tick Trade

Notable trade today including the 2 EMA charts. where entry at 989 may have been the strongest signal to the downside. Even inside the 25m Range, selling was ever so evident with market internals week for the day, an entry would have faired well. That of course is hindsight and I don’t trade hindsight. I wait for the Open Range momentum and trade accordingly.

Trade of the Day

Trade of the Day

Fair to note though as the 5/34 EMA crossed with the 5/13/21/80 EMA  also crossing and Heikin Ashi Sell signals to the short side supported with market internals in the RED,  would have added 40 ticks to the trade. The ever-growing quest to look for the earlier entry. Something I will watch in the days to come.

GDP/Jobless Claims on the plate tomorrow.


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